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Pressure Cleaning

DS McG Ltd provide a wide range of pressure cleaning services to a variety of clients across Scotland.

DS McG Ltd provides a pressure cleaning service for brick and stone clean on new build residential sites, industrial cladding cleaning, the removal of graffiti, chewing gum, spillages, smoke damage, and many more specialist surface cleans.

DS McG Ltd has a reputation for having well trained staff with high quality equipment which is maintained to a high standard. With this the quality of the finish is not compromised so ensuring that the standard expected by our clients is achieved.


New Build Cleaning

The purchase of a house is likely to be the most significant purchase made in a lifetime. If buying a new build, the new homeowners will want to see a pristine building, with no blemishes, when they complete the purchase. It is a well-accepted fact that during the building process, things can get quite messy with spills. However, no developer wants to hand over a sub-standard product with stained walls or a mess of cement on the pathway. Accidents do happen, but DS McG Ltd can offer to have it sorted for you with our new build cleaning service.

In our work with a number of the National Builders, we are usually required to visit site just before the new home owner takes legal possession. Normally our cleaning systems do not require the addition of chemicals to complete removal of excess mortar and associated stains however, on some occasions a chemical additive is required to remove stubborn staining such as efflorescence from brickwork. Where and when required we are also able to clean paths, mono blocks, slabbing, decking and anything else which would benefit from pressure washing.


Brick Cleaning

Any building, regardless of age, can look tired or unkempt due to the surrounding environment. On those occasions the best means of revitalisation is often a pressure wash to produce an “as new” look. The staff of DS McG Ltd has experience of cleaning brick & stone for the removal of;

  • Mortar

  • Fire/Smoke Damage

  • Carbon deposit

  • General dirt build up

  • Moss

  • Algae

  • Ivy Residue

  • Paint & Graffiti Removal

Driveway, patio & Walkway Cleaning

All paving surfaces will, over time, deteriorate and lose colour as they weather, gather rubber deposits from tyres, build up moss and accumulate algae which can also create a slip risk.

Your driveway, whether mono block, concrete, slabs, or tarmacadam, will recover its “as new” look with the help of the DS McG Ltd staff.

All works of this type need to be assessed so as to avoid disturbing the base and drainage on which your driveway has been laid. Before accepting any such job a representative of DS McG Ltd will visit the site to make this assessment and carry out all H&S checks.

Where required DS McG Ltd can also offer to make any necessary driveway repairs prior to cleaning.

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